Achieve Scholars’ Goals

To follow up on yesterday’s post about setting SMART goals, we decided to share some of the goals that our scholars set for themselves at the beginning of January. It’s interesting to see the range of goals that the students have, and the ways in which they incorporated the SMART criteria.


For the new year, I have academic goals. My first is to get an A in ELA class. The first step for me is to ask at least one question in class each day. My second step is to study Wordly Wise for at least 15 minutes a day… This is important because I want to be a better person.

I want to be able to read one book per week. I can do this by playing less video games. The first thing I do when I go home is play video games and watch TV. If I don’t do these things, I can get right to my homework. This will give me more time to read… This is important to me because people will have a better impression of me if I do better in school.


…My second goal is getting the second starting position on my school basketball team. One way I will complete this goal is to practice harder than anyone else. Another way I can complete this goal is to work on my jumpsuit by doing 50 per day. This goal is important because it is one of the things holding me back from being a perfect athletic scholar.


I have many academic goals. First, I want higher than a B in the history exam comp. To achieve it, I have to study about 30 minutes every day for a week before. I also need to finish all of my classwork and read all of my assigned readings. I want to have at least four As and two Bs by the quarter . To achieve that I want to participate two times more than before in all of my classes. I also want to do all of my homework and not just a little. Those are all of my and how I plan to achieve them. I have these goals because I want to pass and make my mom proud.

One of my goals is to memorize all 44 presidents. If I can reach this goal, it would make social studies class less difficult for me and will generally make me smarter. Right now, the focus of social studies class is slavery and who the presidents of the U.S. were during this time period. The first step to reaching this goal is to create a catchy song for the U.S. presidents. I tend to memorize the lyrics to a song very quickly…The next step would be to constantly study. I would study by writing down the names of the presidents over and over again to get them stuck in my head. This goal is important to me because it will make me a better student and it will take away my stress.


One of my goals is to go to sleep earlier because in class I fall asleep and I get in trouble. I am going to stay off my iPad because I spend the whole day on it. Also, I am going to do my homework at 8 p.m. This goal is important because I don’t want my grades to go down.


My first goal is to improve in math by showing my work so that I can process what I am doing and not make simple errors. I can achieve this goal by writing the problem out neatly, completing the problems in chronological order, writing out every step, and showing my work.


My academic goal is to stop procrastinating. To stop procrastinating, I need to not be around distracting things, like my laptop and TV. Another way to stop is to do my homework right when I get home. I usually do other things, which leads me to using my laptop, which makes me forget all about my homework. I wish to accomplish this goal this year. It is very important to me because it will help me get better grades.


My main goal is to improve on social studies because I rarely get it and get confused. One way I can improve is to take more notes during class. That way I can look back at the notes when I am confused. I will only take notes on the important stuff. Another way to improve on social studies is to study at home for about 15 minutes, three times a week. That way I know all of the information and won’t have to be confused. This goal is important because it will help me improve my grades and myself as a scholar.


About Eric

I have been an educator at several independent schools in the Boston area since 2004. Currently, I teach math, create the master schedule for our middle school, run the outdoor program, design and lead international service learning trips, and coach soccer and wrestling. My personal and professional experiences have led me to value mission-driven schools distinguished by a strong focus on character, high academic standards, and broad co-curricular offerings. I am drawn to organizations that are open to self-evaluation and opportunities for growth and improvement. In my relationships with colleagues and students, I strive for mutual trust, respect, and support; open and honest communication; the frequent exchange of ideas; and clear delivery of feedback. As a school leader, I strive to empower my colleagues, cultivate shared vision, encourage passionate teaching, and create inspiring and transformational experiences for students.
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