Thank you, tutors!

With the academic year coming to a close, and another round of Saturday sessions in the books, we would like to take a moment to thank our tutors, who dedicated their time, energy, and love to making Achieve a huge success and a valuable experience for our students.

In addition to building new friendships and serving as mentors for the Achieve students, our 59 tutors taught lessons on topics such as reading comprehension and making inferences, writing strong paragraphs, and finding the weight of an igloo that Mr. Nguyen had built in his backyard. During the 2012-2013 academic year, these students collectively volunteered about 855 hours to our program!

In particular, we would like to recognize our graduating seniors, who, through their commitment and dedication to Achieve, formed the core of a very talented group of tutors this year. Those seniors are: Chandler D., Alex D., Maya G., Emily G., Claire G., Sarah H., Jaida J., Emma M., Mary M., Emily M., Casey M., Hannah N., Kim N., Samantha R., Isabella S., Caroline T., Elisielle W., and Ali W. This year, our seniors accounted for about 400 hours of service to Achieve (close to 50% of the total hours volunteered to Achieve!), and over the past several years, they have generously given close to 900 hours of their time to our program and our students.

To our tutors — We would like you to know that you have made a significant difference in our students’ lives, and simply put, you have made our program better. On behalf of the Achieve students and the Achieve program, we would like to thank you for your support.

~ Jody McQuillan and Eric Nguyen

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About Eric

I have been an educator at several independent schools in the Boston area since 2004. Currently, I teach math, create the master schedule for our middle school, run the outdoor program, design and lead international service learning trips, and coach soccer and wrestling. My personal and professional experiences have led me to value mission-driven schools distinguished by a strong focus on character, high academic standards, and broad co-curricular offerings. I am drawn to organizations that are open to self-evaluation and opportunities for growth and improvement. In my relationships with colleagues and students, I strive for mutual trust, respect, and support; open and honest communication; the frequent exchange of ideas; and clear delivery of feedback. As a school leader, I strive to empower my colleagues, cultivate shared vision, encourage passionate teaching, and create inspiring and transformational experiences for students.
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