Many Windows


Many thanks to the efforts of Nobles faculty member John Dorsey for coordinating our recent visit to Foster Gallery to view the art exhibit, “Many Windows,” by local artist Cheryl Warrick!

Once inside Foster Gallery, Achieve students explored the art show through a variety of engaging activities. The main focus involved writing—each person looked for an object in a painting that sparked a connection, then described the object and recounted the connection. As a teacher, it was so inspiring to see our Achieve students looking intently at the paintings, settling into a comfortable spot on the floor of the art gallery, and then writing about their connections to an object in one of the paintings. It was a really special moment for me as I was reminded of the importance of creating opportunities for kids to write “from the heart” and to develop their voices.

In all, thanks again to John Dorsey for making our visit to Foster Gallery such a memorable experience!

Here are a few excerpts from the students’ writing pieces and some photos too!

The pure, black lamp in the painting, “Letters,” brings many important ideas to mind. The lamp reminds me of my poetry because sometimes late at night, I take my small lamp and put it next to me. The lamp allows my poetry to fly from my pencil to the paper. The lamp is my light source, and without it, my creative thoughts would not be able to stand. This small but amazing object makes me feel comforted because I know that with a lamp, my ideas can be expressed.


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The lock is dark black and crudely drawn with marker. To me, it looks superficial, like the outside of something that you know the inside is different. The lock reminds me of life, of music, of love. It’s like this lock symbolizes those things I never tell people; the things that are locked away in my mind. I stand here looking at this combination lock, feeling sad and yet hopeful. I hope that some day it will be unlocked.



An object that I gravitate towards in the gallery is a tree in the painting, ‘He Who Knows,’ because it represents growth and determination. The tree represents growth because it is still growing and some parts are not developed yet. That aspect of the tree relates to me because I am a growing person who hopes to become better and stronger as I grow.


 In the painting, “Quarry,” there are a lot of things that pop out but something that pops out the most are the three tea cups. These remind me of me, my sister, and my dad because we always sit at the table in the mornings and drink our tea. In the picture, one cup is full, one is empty, and another is half full. The full cup is me, the half cup is my sister, and the empty one is my dad. But this really tells me about love and how will we do anything for each other and we won’t give up on each other. Whatever happens, we will stay by each other’s side.



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